Freelance mobile app developer vs dedicated company

Freelance and its peculiarities

Firstly, concept "freelance" appeared in 1819 in " Ivanhoe", the first novel by Walter Scott, where freelancer was considered as medieval hired warrior. At this moment there are a lot of sites, allowing to find freelancer for every sphere of activity. Every person that has specific skills, can become freelancer for one minute, so very often only amateurs deal with these affairs and you shouldn't except to get high quality's results and absolute guarantee.

Work peculiarities of studios of mobile apps' development

Studio is legal entity, all its activities are regulated and controlled by law, and clients get guarantees for every type of work, as it is said in every compiled contract for software development.

In virtue of legislation legal entity has some identificational data, so studio cannot disappear anywhere tomorrow. Appearance of such unscrupulous wishes is quite rare phenomenon, as studio works at its name: clients communicate to each other, take part in some common events, and if common opinion about studio becomes negative, information will spread very fast and nobody will want to deal with such developers.

Besides guarantees studio provides a lot of resources, if it necessary for your project. Good company is not so much formal organization as comfortable area for professional communication, effective for valuable experience's exchange.

But studios have some minuses, and, firstly, it is project final price. Unlike freelancer company employees work at office, and it is rent of premise and relevant work conditions. Freelancer doesn't pay taxes, but studio must include not only taxes, but pays for every employee in pension fund, social security fund and other organizations in its financial plan. So start price of project will be greatly different from sum for freelancer's work even if studio has minimal income.

Pluses of freelancer's work

  1. Low price of mobile app's development. No taxes, payment for rent, social pays.
  2. High mobility. He doesn't depend on schedule and work days, so you can communicate with him almost in any time.
  3. Flexible schedule. Freelancer is ready to spent any time for project. But freelancer not always can spent enough time for every project because of his main job or his busyness, that he controls himself.

Minuses of app development by freelancer

  1. Low average quality. Freelancers are rarely professionals in their sphere. Certainly, you can find perfect guru, but price for one work hour is not lower than in studios.
  2. Absence of guarantee. Life of the most scrupulous freelancer can change quickly: good job is found, baby appears, he has to move. In our opinion, if you need to continue work about project in one half a year after its start, chance that you'll continue work with the same freelancer is not so big. To give all to another person is to rewrite everything anew, because it is difficult to understand strange code. In case that freelancer is unscrupulous person, there are no any guarantees even short-term perspective, because you don't have any practical and law influence mechanisms.
  3. Narrow experience. Practically freelancers that made more than ten apps are quite rare phenomenon. Studio has bigger volume of tasks and more versatile experience. Studios can give you a consultation, based on experience of contiguous projects' development and on communication with great amount of professionals, interested in mobile apps' development.

Pluses of apps' development in studios

  1. Existence of guarantees. Ordering mobile app's development in studio, you enter into a contract of software development. Responsibilities and duties are written in a contract, this is legal document, giving strong influence on the studio to you. The necessity of it rarely appears, because studio cherishes its reputation.
  2. High quality. Great experience of work, big stuff, allowing to gather together for discussing complex questions, and versatile view allow to make your project better.
  3. Design. Any studio spends a lot of time to organize and give as many visual decisions for your mobile app as it can.
  4. Support. Studio of mobile apps' development stays the same even in a year with the same work conditions and the same guarantees for work results. If some error appears in your app, it will be corrected absolutely free. If app should be finalized, they find necessary time for this.
  5. Service spectrum. If you need to develop mobile app for two platforms and/or server part, you should to find some freelancers and try to coordinate their work. Often people shift their responsibility to others, and it is very difficult without specific technical knowledge to find guilty - server programmer or programmer of client part. Studio makes project with full development, and interior processes are hidden.
  6. Consultations. Studios are always in touch not only for questions of price and terms of mobile apps' development, but for all contiguous questions: monetization, promotion, publication and project development.


  1. High project price. Studio has some consumptions, connected with its organizational and legal form.
  2. Definite work schedule. Studio has its own rules of work and its own norms of work time. Any urgent errors and moments are corrected 24/7, but it is not necessary to call in studio at night from Saturday to Sunday to ask what's the difference between Swift and Objective-C, because good work should be together with good rest.


Ideal contractor of mobile app's development should make a project quickly, professionally and cheap. But existing situation doesn't allow to realize all these three conditions at once, so choosing between freelancer and studio, you need to prioritize what conditions are more important for you.