Mobile app startup MVP

Mobile app startup MVP

Check the idea of your startup on the bacis functional

There is one thing - MPV (minimum viable product), to which you should look forward, if it is your first project. To make it, on the one hand, is easy, but on the other hand, it is not so.

It is easy because it is necessary to add only one step to development of app structure: besides the step " what can be added in app", the step should be "what we can remove from the app". It is difficult because not every author of idea will be able to add something in the app, imagining it so useful and effective, and then to remove all unnecessary things. But it should be done to minimize financial expenses and time, spent on checking idea.

For example, you decided to make a mobile app for start-up of clothes delivery to laundries. The idea is - there are a lot of laundries in the city, but it is not convenient for people to carry clothes there for washing, and it would be better that courier takes the clothes from client's house and give it back at certain time for small pay. You should sign the contract with laundry for clothes delivery by reduced prices, but for large number of orders.

The app should consist of identification of client (the system of registration and login), personal room, where user can see his order, contact information for making order and the possibility to see prices.

Besides these necessary things you decided to add possibility to see the courier's movements online in real time on the map (user can see when and how courier come to him); scanner of clothes labels for forming orders (app identifies regimes of washing, ironing, type of textile with the help of camera); possibility to add schedule, according to which orders can be formed automatically, etc. The amount of additional functional on the level of project discussing is limited by only fantasy and time for this discussion.

Mobile app startup MVP

In the result the cost of the app and marketing strategy increases a lot and time for project realization increases up to four months, not taking in account the level of testing on the first users.

But after you developed the project, you found out that most of users haven't this need in the certain city: cost of washing clothes is higher, than time and means, spent by them at home or in the nearest laundry. Testing and analysis of idea showed one thing (the need of this service was overestimated), the reality - the other thing. In the result you spent a lot of money and time in vain.

If on the level of discussing structure and functional of app you spend the same time for removing all unnecessary things, firstly, it is possible to refuse from all things that it is not connected with users' profit.

If it is profitable for client to order this service according to economical reasons or relation between price and comfort is good for him, he will become permanent customer regardless he could scanner labels or see courier's movements.

Secondly, if you want to reduce expenses, it is possible to refuse from mobile app: it is enough to publish booklets for spreading among potential clients with your telephone number to make order. Contract with laundries for testing is not necessary: you can hand over clothes of the first clients personally. In the result you ll spend less time and money on advertising , but you ll have understanding how this idea is perspective, based on reality, but not on the feelings and emotions.

Mobile app startup MVP

During mobile app's development you should include only necessary functional in it. If this app is useful, and amount of users increases, the questions of idea development and app development will become evident.