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What is a mobile app?
Mobile application is a software that works at smartphones or tablets. It is usually downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Mobile applications for business show ads, send notifications and help you to stay online with your client 24/7
Our clients
Roadcom —asphalt factory
Public Chamber of Russian Federation
Royal Club
Dicart — the factory of plaster molding
Kvadra — travel agency
Bureau of technical research
Our Services
iOS development

We make mobile applications for all types of Apple devices: phones, tablets, PCs, Watch, TV

Android development

We develop mobile apps for the most widely spread mobile app platform in the world

UI/UX mobile app design

Design is one of the key features that influences user experience. We prepare mockups and test user flow to design outstanding mobile app interfaces that perform great user interaction

Backend development

Innovative development frameworks and technologies help us to create stable and secure backend sollutions to provide trouble-free operation of your mobile apps

Participate in affiliate program, get discounts and earn money with Boomerang
Jet Drive
Jet Drive analyzes your driving style
Make anonymous phone calls with Mimimi
Lingvo Skill
Learn new languages with Lingvo Skill
Analyze your driving style with AxaFlexiDrive and get discounts from insurance company
Record a song, win in a battle and become a world known star with Sing-a-song app
Listen to your favorite music with PCRadio
Unighted - social network for the visitors of Moscow clubs
Find a company to go to any of Moscow clubs with Unighted social network
Collect money for your friend's birthday with Shedrost
Listen to music you like with Radio app
Scootee - moto taxi in Europe
Get a scooter taxi with Scootee
TempPhones - address book for temporary contacts
Store temporary phone numbers in TempPhones app
My Sport Skill - social network for people who love sport
My Sport Skill social network connects beginners and professional sportsmen
Business app developed to automate internal processes of Roadcom asphalt factory
Buy watches in Bestwatch e-shop
Mobile game Balls
Svetilniki - eshop
E-catalogue of lightning products — Svetilniki
Bubbleup - task manager
Organize your life with task manager app — Bubbleup
The public transport of St. Petersburg
You can find app the information about public transport of St. Petersburg in TransportSPB app
Business app developed to automate internal processes of Tehnonikol company
Yoga prectice at your office
Find a complex of asanas that can be done in office at Yoga application
AXA Flexidrive story
AppCraft studio developed mobile application Axa Flexifrive for Malaysian insurance company. The application is the part of complicated system that analyzes the driving style. Insurance company provides discounts and special offers on the basis of the results. The launch of this service was widely announced by media.
Eyes Attack story
Eyes Attack made by AppCraft
We have worked with Marvelous games publisher and developed the game Eyes Attack. See the information about the partnership with Marvelous games and the game itself published at Gamasutra, Gameinformer and DevelopOnline. You can download the game here.
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All Features

If you already have a mobile application for bussiness we make recommendations to improve user experience.

We also provide analysis that will make better user retention and achieve the positive changes in user's life time value, cost per user and other metrics.

If you only have the idea of mobile application, we help you to test it and see what are it's pros and cons, find weak points that can be improved to make a useful mobile application for your clients.

SDK & app metrics

We implement SDK to track installations and other app metricts to adjust your marketing strategy. Implementation of SDK gives you access to wide variety of your application's data. Analysing this data helps you to select better marketing channels and lower cost per user retention.

As far as you don't have SDK installed we make recommendations what kind of SDK should be implemented into mobile application according to your marketing needs.

Dev account

To upload application to App Store or Google Play you need to have developer's account. It's free of charge at Google and 200$/1year at Apple. We store your mobile applications at AppCraft developer's account or we provide detailed information how to register it.

We also help to registed developers account for companies as far as it's much more complicated and long process.

App release

There are many limitations and rules that developers face when they try to publish mobile applications at stores. Sometimes it can be product code or application's logic or content or purchases that become a reason why your mobile app has been rejected.

We take on all the communication with technical support, make necessary changes in applications according to requirements of Apple and Google to publish your application as soon as possible.


It's important to have a marketing plan at the moment you start to develop mobile application. There is much work to be done before you publish application at store.

The success of the app depends on feedback, recommendations and test results that you get before app release. As soon as you collect this information you can see the path you should follow during app development to make useful product.

We develop marketing strategy plan, test the idea of your app, collect feedback, recommend tools that helps to track and analyze metrics, make A/B testing and improve user experience.

We work since 2011. There are 30 people in our team: 3 project managers, 2 designers, 3 marketing managers, 22 iOS and Andriod developers. We published more than 100 mobile apps at App Store and Google Play. We don't outsource our work. All mobile apps are developed by our team. We use only up to date innovative technologies to make mobile applications. Well adjusted working process is the key feature to keeping the deadlines.
AppCraft team
Our Promise
%99.9 Uptime
We develop trouble-free working mobile applications. If you ever find a bug, we fix it for free
Deadline guarantee
We understand the importance of sticking to the terms and finalize projects by deadline
Best price guarantee
We offer best prices and have flexible system of discounts for our clients